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Microclimate of fields affects soybean yields

AgWeb had an interesting article last week on the importance of proper microclimate conditions for maximizing yield in soybeans.  A microclimate is a very small climate zone that has distinct characteristics.  For example, the sunny and shady sides of your house may have different microclimates which are influenced by differences…
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Strawberry web tool could save $1.7 million in fungicide over 10 years

Growing Produce released a story on AgroClimate’s s\Strawberry Advisory System, a tool which is available at  The tool takes data such as temperature and leaf wetness and tells growers when to spray fungicide to ward off diseases.  By spraying fungicide only when needed, it can save growers significant amounts of time…
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Is climate engineering effective?

Some scientists have proposed reducing the effects of a warming climate by using engineering approaches to combat the effects of increased greenhouse gas concentrations.  These approaches include planting more forests, fertilizing the ocean to increase the uptake of carbon through algae growth, and space mirrors to redirect solar energy away…
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