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  • Fall foliage reports

    Now that it is fall, you may start getting requests for information on how the leaves change color and where the colors are brightest.  The Southeast Regional Climate Center has put together a nice page which lists a number of resources for regional and national color information.  You can visit the page at

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  • Impact of changing climate on outdoor workers

    Agriculture is one of the industries with the highest concentrations of outdoor workers in the US.  The Centers for Disease Control published an article today on the risks that outdoor workers may face in a warmer climate.  You can read the article here.  Among the risks are increased growth of poison ivy and other poisonous […]

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  • As a meteorologist I am always fascinated by time-lapse videos of clouds moving.  They really show that the atmosphere is a fluid not much different than water.  This week I ran across two beautiful examples that really capture this. The first one is a video of a sky covered by a cloud type called Undulatus […]

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  • Pomegranate video from Georgia Farm Monitor

    Last week I mentioned that some Georgia farmers were looking to grow pomegranates as a new crop in the Southeast.  Georgia Farm Monitor released a video on this subject a few days later, explaining how growing pomegranates mesh nicely with blueberries because they ripen at different times of year.  You can watch the video by […]

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  • Dry conditions continue to plague farmers

    The latest release from the National Agriculture Statistics Service shows that 79 percent of subsurface soils are short on moisture, according to Growing Georgia.   This continuing lack of rainfall has caused crops like soybeans, cotton and peanuts to fade and pastures to stop producing grass.  Even crops that were going to be baled for filler […]

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  • Astronomical fall begins on Monday at 10:29 PM ET.  This year, the start of fall is coinciding with the passage of a cold front through the area tonight into Monday.  Behind the front we can expect to see cooler and less humid air which should make weather conditions across most of the Southeast cool and […]

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  • The Boston Globe had a long but interesting article today about how changes in climate in Maine are causing a variety of problems for foresters, lobster fishermen, and farmers.  Increases in temperature over the past few decades have lengthened the growing season, which could allow for a greater variety of crops, but also increases the […]

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