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Georgia’s pecan harvest: small nuts, lots of scab

Brad Haire posted a story this week in the Southeast Farm Press on the 2014 pecan harvest. You can read the story at The story highlights the impacts of the tough summer weather on the nuts, although it says the weather also helped. Low volumes were related to poor…
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What is the “Pineapple Express?”

The newest weather jargon that is showing up this week in the media is “Pineapple Express.”  Even though there is a movie of this name from the past few years, the term has actually been around for a decade or more in meteorology.  It refers to a phenomenon called an…
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New Zealand farmers feel effects of El Nino

Dairy farmers in New Zealand are facing serious consequences of water shortages that can be traced to the developing El Nino.  These water shortages have led to tighter restrictions on water use and have also reduced the availability of cheap energy from hydroelectric dams due to restrictions on how much…
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