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Any person who intends to use paraquat must be a certified applicator and is required to take the training. “Use” includes pre-application activities involving mixing and loading the pesticide; applying the pesticide; and other pesticide-related activities, including, but not limited to, transporting or storing opened pesticide containers, cleaning equipment, and disposing of excess pesticides, spray mix, equipment wash waters, pesticide containers, and other paraquat-containing materials.

Please see below information in regard to free paraquat trainings. The current online training that you have been using in the past now has a $25 registration fee. Syngenta’s Senior Stewardship Manager will be presenting 6 free webinars over the next 3 weeks at no cost. You can click HERE to register for the trainings or use your phone on the QR Code listed on below flyer.

Individuals can register for one or more of the zoom sessions (they only have to attend one). There is a simple 10 question quiz following the training. The training must be retaken every three years.

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