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Asian Soybean Rust Identified in Bulloch County

Asian soybean was found on soybean leaves from the soybean rust sentinel plot in Bulloch County yesterday.  Currently, growers across the Coastal Plain of Georgia can expect soybean rust to be present.  It was slow to develop, but more than likely hurricane Irma has spread it more profusely.   Any soybeans that have reached…
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Asian Soybean Rust Identified in Midville GA

Asian soybean rust has been identified in several counties in southwest Georgia recently, but was found on soybean leaves from sentinel plots in Midville yesterday – August 18.    Soybeans are vulnerable to Asian soybean rust until they reach full seed/R6 growth stages and may need to be protected with a fungicide application.  Current rainfall patterns could…
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Peanut Shade Tree Meeting – July 25

There will be a Peanut Shade Tree Meeting on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 10:00 am. The meeting will be held at Stilson Farms (Wade and Matt McElveen) which is located at 901 McElveen Road, Brooklet, GA 30415.  (GPS Coordinates: N 32.310559°  E -81.558880°)  The peanut field is located off McElveen Road…
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Southern Corn Rust

Southern corn rust has been identified in 3 locations as of late last week. The last identification was in a field in Morgan County near the community of Buckhead (near Madison).  Prior to this find late last week it had ONLY been found lightly in Seminole and Marion Counties. Samples from the Bulloch County corn…
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Southern Corn Rust Confirmed in Bulloch County

Southern corn rust was confirmed in Robert Franklin’s irrigated corn field in Register yesterday (June 15). The rust was found sporadically in small amounts in his field. Please take necessary action to protect your corn crop from southern corn rust from very early tassel through dough stage (R6). Refer to…
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Southern Corn Rust Confirmed in Wayne County

Southern corn rust was found and confirmed yesterday (June 6) in two different fields in Wayne County.  It means  that not only do we have perfect weather for the disease but that southern corn rust is found nearly from one edge of the Coastal Plain to the other and could be anywhere in between. …
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Asian Soybean Rust Identified in Georgia

Asian soybean rust was found on soybean leaves from sentinel plots in Attapulgus, Decatur County.  Asian soybean rust has been slow to develop in Georgia and Alabama this year, but has been found scattered throughout Mississippi.   Any soybeans that have reached full seed/R6 growth stages are “safe”.  Younger soybeans are still…
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