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How quick things can change in a short amount of time in southeast Georgia! We went from about to perish to an over abundance of moisture within less than a week. We are all use to these differences where we live, but this has been extreme in both directions from our usual fluctuations.

The recent hot and dry conditions in previous weeks combined with the current wet conditions is an excellent recipe for outbreaks of early season white mold. It is advisable to start your white mold program earlier than normal if possible.  Also, be sure to set up your leafspot fungicide program from beginning as well. I realize that many of you have begun with your first fungicide application or would have started your program, but the wet conditions have caused you to stop.

There are an assortment of products to chose from that will help you fight off white mold and leafspot issues that have the potential of robbing your peanut crop of yield. The 2019 Peanut Rx Fungicide Programs from various companies can be viewed by clicking HERE. They are listed under the 2019 Peanut Disease Rx section that is located down the page a little on the left side of the screen. Click on the different companies to view their recommended programs. Continuing throughout the season with strong white mold and leafspot programs will be essential for success.

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