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How Late Season Temperatures affect peanut maturity and decisions on when to dig:

There is a misconception that temperatures in the upper 40’s and lower 50’s shut down the plant. Those temperatures will slow the maturation process down, but it will not cause it to stop – especially if daytime temperatures are in the 80’s.  However, temperatures in the lower 40’s and lower for several mornings in a row will cause the plants to shut down. With this in mind a good part of Georgia’s growing areas are likely to see several days with the low temperatures in the mid to upper 30’s in the mid to latter part of this week. The question is what do I need to do. The short answer is the crop will likely stop progressing; therefore, dig them at your convenience after the cold temps/frost event has passed.

If there is a risk of a frost/freeze the best thing to do is leave the peanuts in the ground. They are insulated in the ground.

Inverted peanuts less than 48 hours before a frost or freeze — there is a higher risk for frost damage.

Inverted greater than 48 hours before a frost or freeze — less risk of frost damage.

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