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Brooks County Producers,

The intention of this post is to gauge the interest y’all as producers would have if the Brooks County Cooperative Extension Office were to have a Feral Hog Control meeting as one of our upcoming winter production meetings. Recently through some grower input and concern this topic was brought up to Stephanie and I. This past spring I attended a small feral hog control seminar at one of our UGA Extension trainings. The private company Jager Pro was a part of this program. The company are all ex-military, and have developed a comprehensive IPM program for eradicating feral hogs. The outfit has expressed interest in conducting educational meetings in conjunction with UGA Cooperative Extension just like the one I attended.

My question to all y’all would be to express to Me or Stephanie your interest in attending a meeting on this topic this coming winter. Please let us know through this season whenever you see either one of us if you like us to coordinate a feral hog control meeting with Jager Pro.

Here is a link to their website Jager Pro; check them out and view some their videos trapping feral hogs.

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