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Interest in developing a Small Ruminant Cooperative

Brooks County Producers,

The intention of this post is similar to the previous post about feral hog control; we would like to gauge the interest y’all as producers would have if the Brooks County Cooperative Extension Office were to assist in the development of an agricultural cooperative for meat goats, and maybe other market livestock. Recently one of our own Brooks County meat goat producers Marilyn Seleska has brought up the idea of developing an Ag Coop. for Meat goats here in Brooks County and the surrounding area.

The development of this Coop. is dependent on the interest and initiative of present and prospective meat goat growers. Brooks County Cooperative Extension would like to hear from anyone with any level of interest in this topic. Also, Mrs. Seleska has agreed to speak with anyone regarding meat goat production, and the possibility of hosting a field day out her place if the interest is there. Here is Mary’s contact information 229-740-1411 or

Below are a few links to publications for y’all to look over

Meat Goat Production in Georgia  – UGA Extension publication

Goats: Production Overview – ATTRA publication

Forage Systems for Goat Production Video Series – Youtube link to part 1 of a 4 part series on forages for meat goat production.