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Many of you know by now that Counter has received a Section 18 Label for cotton in Georgia.  With the cotton acreage that is left to plant and with the occurrence of replants, many growers are interested in the application of this systemic insecticide-nematicide product. Although, we are glad to have a nematicide option we do not have research or a real good understanding for potential interactions with commonly used cotton herbicides.  Please be aware of the restrictions associated with its use.  The Counter label prohibits the use of; Diuron, Cotoran, Caparol, Cotton Pro, Staple, Pyrimax, and Envoke.   The Counter label does not support the use of Staple following Counter use in cotton.  The application of Counter and possible options used in our herbicide program for controlling glyphosate-resistant Palmer Amaranth can be in direct conflict.  The University of Georgia is currently conducting a study with Counter and the above mentioned herbicides.  We hope to have this information and additional experiences to share with you in the near future.  You may want to contact AMVAC representative Gerald Harrison at 229-392-2590 for additional information.

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