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  • With this cold weather you have already been fielding calls regarding cold injury to wheat, especially wheat that is near or currently heading.  Here is some information to help you in aiding your growers diagnose damage following the cold this weekend. As with corn there is no point in trying to diagnose cold injury severity […]

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  • Pivot Testing: The Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) Cade Cloud This is a free service that is offered by the University of Georgia in which our water educators will come and conduct a pivot uniformity test on a farmer’s irrigation system. Uniformity is also extremely important for growers that fertigate or chemigate. This test is very […]

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  • Cotton & Peanut Winter Weed Burndown Thanks to Worth County Ag Agent Bryce Southerland who wrote information on burndown leading to cotton on his blog at Worth County Ag News. It is the time of the year where growers are getting ready to prepare cotton land by burning down winter weeds in wheat/rye/oats cover crop. Cover […]

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  • By: Dr. Eric Prostko 1) How do I control ryegrass prior to planting peanuts if I suspect that I might have glyphosate resistance? Select 2EC @ 8 oz/A or Select Max 0.97EC @ 16 oz/A (or generic equivalents) + 1% v/v COC  would be a good choice for this problem.  Remember that ryegrass stage of growth is […]

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  • Written by Andres Sawyer Wilcox County Ag February 22nd 2018 A few questions about burning down our cover this week. This is because the warm temperatures and concerns over it taking off. Here is some rye cover that was planted in late October. It’s heading out and holding in soil moisture. This rye won’t be […]

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