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Pivot Testing: The Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL) Cade Cloud
This is a free service that is offered by the University of Georgia in which our water educators will come and conduct a pivot uniformity test on a farmer’s irrigation system. Uniformity is also extremely important for growers that fertigate or chemigate. This test is very simple to perform. We will set out buckets every 20 feet along the pivot. We will then allow the pivot to pass over the buckets at an application rate of .2 inches. While the pivot is in operation, we will collect data such as flow rate, pivot pressure, and end tower speed. We will also observe the system for stopped up sprinklers, leaky boots, blown gaskets, etc. Afterwards, we will measure the water in each bucket. All of the data that is collected will then be entered into a computer program. In return, the producer will receive their pivot’s flow test results and a new application chart as well as a graph that will identify problem areas. The program will also allow you to create an end gun shut-off map where you can identify areas of the field in which your end gun can be shut off in order to save water.

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