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Soybean Insects

Soybean looper populations are increasing. Stink bugs are also on the rise. Insecticide treatments will be needed in some fields. Continue to scout soybeans for late season pests. Know the difference between what worms are in your soybeans. Soybean loopers have 2 pair of abdominal prolegs, Green cloverworms have 3…
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Corn Harvest and Diplodia Ear Rot

Corn harvest is wide open now that we’re getting some dry weather. A few 300 bushel yields have been reported. Some areas are starting to see diplodia ear rot. Diplodia-infected corn will result in potentially significant discounts when graded at the first point of sale. The lighter kernels caused by…
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2013 Farm Bill Update

  Don Shurley and Nathan Smith Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics University of Georgia The 2008 farm bill originally expired in 2012 but Congress failed to complete action to legislate new law to begin in 2013. The 2008 farm bill was instead extended for an additional year (through September…
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