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UGA On Farm Cotton Variety Trials

Variety selection is one of the most important decisions a grower can make, as this decision determines the genetic yield potential for a particular field and environment.  In 2013, the UGA OnFarm Cotton Variety Performance Evaluation Program demonstrated that improper variety selection could cost producers between $79 and $230 per…
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Cotton Defoliation

Cotton defoliation has started for some and will be starting very soon for others. Proper timing of cotton harvest-aid applications are very important. Defoliation timing decisions should be based on the crop and the crop environment. Timing of defoliation is critical to insure optimum yield and fiber quality. Several factors can…
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  CONTAMINATION FREE COTTON KEEP IT CLEAN AND PURE PREVENT LINT CONTAMINATION … clean cotton means satisfied customers! PROTECT YOUR COTTON FIBER … and you will preserve your markets! Even the tiniest particles can contaminate seed cotton and lint and result in blemished finished goods. U.S. cotton producers are competing…
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