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February 7, 2014

  •   Calibrating airblast sprayers is something that’s often not done, or done improperly. Why is this important? Most pecan growers assume the sprayer is calibrated at 100 gallons per acre (GPA). Consider if it’s actually 81.4 GPA (as in the below example). The sprayer is filled to 1,000 gallons and enough chemical is added to the…

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  • Below is an article from Growing Georgia that was written by Clint Thompson. Friday, February 7th, 2014 Georgia farmers can no longer bank on subsidized payments from the federal government. Due to the new farm bill, which passed the Senate on Tuesday, the farm subsidies that are issued annually to producers around the country have been eliminated,…

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  • Here’s some information concerning the 2014 Farm Bill, put together by UGA Extension Ag Economists,  Nathan Smith and Don Shurley.    

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