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The GATE Certificate must be renewed annually. The procedure for annual renewal by certificate holders previously authorized to use the GATE Certificate is as follows:

 This year when you apply for (or renew) your GATE card, you will have to complete a notarized affidavit and also enclose a “verification of lawful presence” (example: copy of Driver’s License, Passport, etc.). The change is affecting all licensing program applications (that includes GATE) within the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture. This new step is a component of Georgia’s immigration reform law that says anyone who is receiving a “public benefit” such as a license (including a GATE card) must have a notary affidavit “verifying lawful presence” on file with the certifying department. You can find a copy of the affidavit at https://www.ga-agribusiness.org/images/E0191701/HB125_Affidavit.pdf and a description of acceptable verification documents here https://www.ga-agribusiness.org/images/E0191701/Lawful_Presence_HB125.pdf. While inconvenient for the thousands of license and GATE card holders, Georgia law says such verification is only needed one time, so this will not be a hassle each year.

 (a) Certificates are only valid for the calendar year and expire December 31. Department will begin accepting renewal applications on October 1, prior to the new calendar year.

 (b) Renewals must be made online at www.agr.georgia.gov or by written application to the Georgia Agriculture Tax Exemption Program, at 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, S.W., Suite 324, Atlanta, GA 30334 by December 31 each year.

 (c) The fee for renewal online is $20. The renewal fee for written applications is $25. The renewal fee may be paid by credit card online at www.agr.georgia.gov., or by check made out to the “Georgia Department of Agriculture.”

 (d) Failure to remit the annual renewal fee and application by the due date, shall result in the certificate being designated as inactive.

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