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The high yield soybean test plot at the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Station was harvested Monday October 28 and Tuesday October 29.

Pioneer 95Y71 won the trial with 80.15 bushels per acre. The variety was replicated 6 times in the trial. The yields in each rep were 82, 81, 82.5, 76.4, 80, and 79 bushels per acre. 95Y71 variety only fell below 80 bushels in two reps.   




The second place variety was Progeny 5711 with 76.45 bushels per acre. We actually thought this variety was going to win from looking at it. In fact, I made a better looking sign for the picture expecting it to be the winner, but it was a close second! Only 3.8 bushels away from winning. This is a perfect example of why it’s hard to accurately estimate yields.



Even the kudzu bug tried to help out while harvesting!


Third place variety was Pioneer 95Y80 with 72.46 bushels.

Fourth place variety was Progeny 7310 with 68.75 bushels.

Planting date: May 22. Harvested: Oct. 28 & 29. Irrigation: maintained 1 inch of water (rain or irrigation) weekly and increased to 2 inches after bloom through pod fill. Seeding rate: 8.7 seed per foot planted 1 inch deep on 36 inch rows. Soil prep: Disked, ripped and bedded. Soil sample results: Phosphorus – very high, Potassium – high, Calcium – high, Magnesium – high, Zinc – sufficient, Manganese – Sufficient, pH – 6.7. Recommendations: 70 lbs Potassium and .25 lbs Boron. Fertilizer: 2 tons chicken litter. Dimilin and Boron applied between R2 and R3 stage. Belt and Mustang max used for insect control. Weed control: Reflex, Dual Magnum and Round up.

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