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Sampling Fields for Nematodes

Plant Pathology

Nematodes are yield robbing pests of all major crops in Georgia.  Take samples now to determine if these unseen pest are causing problems in our fields and determine how to best get them under control.

we can begin to determine the appropriate course of action to reduce their numbers and increase
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June Disease/Insect Update

Reports from around the state and close to home have plant bugs eating up cotton, stink bugs in cotton and corn, southern corn rust and sugarcane aphids. So far I have seen none of this except for a few stink bugs.  At the stage of growth most of our corn…
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Pecan Production for Beginners

UGA Cooperative Extension will host a workshop for those new to the Pecan industry.  the workshop will be held Monday, April 11th beginning at 9 a.m. in the old auditorium at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center. The meeting will last until 4 p.m.  For more information on this meeting and other Cooperative Extension events you can go to
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Classroom Training for Applying New Herbicide Technology

2016 University of Georgia and Georgia Department of Agriculture Required Classroom Trainings for Applying Auxin Herbicides in Auxin-Tolerant Technologies Cotton and soybean varieties with tolerance to auxin herbicides (2,4-D or dicamba) are nearing commercialization. Prior to making applications of dicamba to dicamba-tolerant cotton/soybean or 2,4-D to 2,4-D-tolerant cotton/soybeans in Georgia,…
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Protecting Georgia’s Pollinators

Georgia has launched a program to educate growers, homeowners, and bee keepers alike about protecting our very important pollinators.  Just in the case you are not aware; there has been national outcry in regards to our declining bee populations.  Many factors contribute to this trend with agricultural pesticides playing their…
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