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Weed Control Options for Wheat

Use this guide to help you decide which weed control options suit your situation.  2018-2019 Wheat

Remember that weed size has a tremendous impact on the level of control that we get from herbicides.  Timely applications are essential especially when dealing with weeds like ryegrass or radish.  We also cannot be planting into fields with weeds problems already emerged.  If you do this you are setting yourself up for failure.  Resistant ryegrass populations exist across Georgia.  This resistance is developing more rapidly than herbicide resistance in pigweed.  For this reason we must use sound resistance management.  Products with similar or the same mode of action should not be used in back-to-back seasons.

Contact your UGA Cooperative Extension Agent if you have questions.  Call 1-800-Ask-UGA1 or click here to find your County Agent.