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Using Pesticides Wisely

By now you should have at least heard about the new technology available in the world of agronomic crops.  We now have cotton and soybeans that are resistant to both 2,4-D and Dicamba.  With this technology comes great responsibility among everyone in the agricultural community.  We must use these and all pesticides wisely to protect the technology and our farming operations.

Producers who decide to use this technology need to know a few things.  First is that the new formulations of Dicamba are restricted use pesticides (RUP’s).  To purchase these products the producer must have a valid pesticide license.  The producer must also attend a Using Pesticides Wisely course taught by UGA Extension Specialists. Lucky for you there is an upcoming session scheduled for right here in middle Georgia.

March 23rd from 9 am – 11 am we will be hosting a course at the Flint Energies Auditorium.  This may not be the last chance to get this training before the growing season, but it is the closest and most convenient.  If you plan to attend please call our office.  If you cannot attend this training you can go Here to find a training that fits your schedule, and see the Training Requirements for use of the auxin herbicides on registered crops.

Whether or not you grow these crops this season or not you should attend this training to be able to grow them in the future.