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About Jeff Cook

County Agriculture Agent in Taylor & Peach Counties, and Area Peach Agent. B.S. Plant Pathology, UGA. Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management, UGA.

Scouting for Spider Mites

Strawberries are beginning to ripen in south Georgia and blooming across the state. Early scouting for spider mites is extremely important if you want to have a successful season. Now is a good time to be tissue sampling for fertilizer applications as well. You can easily check those leaves for…
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Fertilizing Strawberries

As our strawberry plants slowly start growing this winter it is time to make sure they have the fertility they need to give us the best crop. It is always good to get a tissue sample in mid to late January to determine if additional boron is needed in the…
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EPA Proposes New Safety Measures for Paraquat (Culpepper)

Since many strawberry growers have used paraquat to clean up row middles you need to be aware of additional measures that our U.S. EPA has proposed for paraquat (full details at See highlighted measures “As outlined in the proposed interim decision for paraquat, the agency is proposing new measures to…
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Row Cover Usage

Row covers can be used to accomplish a few different things in strawberry plasticulture.  For us in Georgia, they are best suited for protecting blooms and small fruit from frost as we near our first harvest dates.
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Strawberry Fertility

Spring is just around the corner so we need to be thinking about our strawberry fertility programs.  Now is a great time to get a tissue sample.  This will give you a baseline and let you know if your pre-plant fertilizer has run out.  It also allows you to check…
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Colletotrichum Resistance to QoI Fungicides

Anthracnose fruit rot disease, caused by fungal Colletotrichum species, is one of the most significant disease problems of commercial strawberry production in Georgia and the Southeast.  Resistance to site specific fungicides could result in control failures if proper resistance management strategies are not used.
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