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About Jeff Cook

County Agriculture Agent in Taylor & Peach Counties, and Area Peach Agent. B.S. Plant Pathology, UGA. Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management, UGA.

Frost/Freeze Protection

I know the groundhog said that we will have an early spring but we still have frost and freezes in a normal Georgia spring. Go ahead and get the row covers ready because it looks like we may have a roller coaster ride ahead of us.  In middle Georgia we…
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Early Season Fertility

Temperatures have been up and down for the southeast but it is still a little too early to begin injecting Nitrogen in most areas of Georgia.  The exception would be if you are growing strawberries in the lower coastal plain.  One thing that we all need to be considering is…
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Strawberry Planting Season

Strawberries should be in the ground across Georgia so what is the next thing that growers need to look out for?  Pre-plant practices such as rotation, fumigation and fertilization all ensure our strawberry crop gets off to a good start.
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What to Look for Now

By now most of us should be well into our early fertility regime on plasticulture berries.  Beginning with about a 1/2 pound per acre per day (3.5 lbs. of N per week) to get the crop started.  As we move further into March we should gradually increase this rate to…
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Tissue Sample Now

It doesn’t seem like it but we will begin our fertilizer programs on strawberries very soon, especially south Georgia growers.  There are many nutrients that are important in strawberry production, like nitrogen, potassium and boron.  Nitrogen and potassium are added prior to planting and throughout the growing season.  Boron is…
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