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Neopestalotiopsis Update and Warning

We do now have one likely site with Neopestalotiopsis in Georgia strawberries. We had several sites that were decimated by this disease last year, but this is the first for this year. Symptoms and presumptive spores of the pathogen are showing up in this site, and the plants were obtained…
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Neopestalotiopsis Movement on Farm Equipment

There is at least anecdotal evidence that this new pathogen of strawberries can be moved from field to field on farm equipment (possibly by laborers as well). Keep this in mind as we move forward. Washing equipment (soap and water) after use in a field with Neopestalotiopsis may or may…
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Neopestolotiopsis Update from Florida

I am still not hearing of major issues yet with the new Neopestolotiopsis pathogen and disease of strawberries in Georgia — not yet anyway. However, the article in the link below presents a pretty dire picture for Florida strawberries. Be vigilant and let your county agent know if you are…
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Scouting for Spider Mites

Strawberries are beginning to ripen in south Georgia and blooming across the state. Early scouting for spider mites is extremely important if you want to have a successful season. Now is a good time to be tissue sampling for fertilizer applications as well. You can easily check those leaves for mites before sending them to the lab for analysis.


Part Two of the 2021 Strawberry School

Part Two of the 2021 Strawberry School is coming up! Join us March 18 as we discuss frost protection, fertility monitoring & more with experts from across the Southeast. Learn more: Register for free:
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Fertilizing Strawberries

As our strawberry plants slowly start growing this winter it is time to make sure they have the fertility they need to give us the best crop. It is always good to get a tissue sample in mid to late January to determine if additional boron is needed in the…
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Captan Shortage

I have heard rumors of a potential captan product shortage, and based on information that is coming in from the field, it appears to be true. I am not sure of the details as to why we have a shortage of captan in the marketplace, and I have no information…
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