Restriction of Pyrethroids Being Considered by EPA

I stole the write up from Lenny Wells, our Pecan Specialist, but it is important for all sectors of commercial agriculture to understand what is being proposed. Many growers may not realize that By March 31, the EPA has been court-ordered to make a final decision on whether to revoke…
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Strawberry Research and Outreach Initiative

If you grow or advise growers on strawberry or nursery production it would benefit you to take this short survey. The National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative (NSSI) is a joint effort among universities, USDA-ARS, growers and industry partners across 13 states. The goal of this group is to support and…
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Hello Georgia!

Welcome to UGA Extension Strawberry Blog!  This is our way to get timely information to growers and County Agents throughout Georgia.  Check back often or subscribe to get up to date information on diseases, insects or environmental factors affecting this valuable and delicious crop.  Extension Specialists and County Agents with…
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