Over the next couple of months we are hosting produciont meetings for producers in the middle Georgia area. This list can be accessed at Three Rivers Ag News. This is not unique to middle Georgia. All over the state County Agents hostproduction meetings planned for their growers. The main benefit is for growers to get the latest in production practices and pest management. Everything they need to remain profitable in whatever agricultural enterprise they are in.

Another huge benefit is getting hours of continuing education toward their pesticide license. For just about every meeting hosted private applicators can receive 1 hour of credit. Growers only need to obtain 3 hours every 5 years. So, there is no reason why a grower should not be able to get the needed hours over a couple of growing seasons. If you have questions about the status of your license you can contact your county office or you can click Here to see how many hours you need. Type in your last name, and make sure you select commercial or private then click “Find Applicators With These Criteria

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