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Neopestalotiopsis Warning

Neopestalotiopsis is now showing up in Florida strawberries. Last year was relatively benign for this disease in Florida, and the same was generally true in Georgia. However, wetter conditions may be the trigger. We know from a trial conducted last year near Baxley, GA that no amount of fumigation or…
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Captan Registration Review

Captan is currently under review by the EPA. The review document is below, and it can be perused for the impact of EPAs potential actions on strawberry disease management. EPA is proposing several mitigations for the continued use of Captan. Any responses are currently due by 27 June, but you…
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Botrytis Testing for Fungicide Resistance

Clemson University has picked up the resistance testing for Botrytis. This is not a free service at this time. However, it is very useful and worth the funds to determine which Botryticides are working. See the attached form for information needed. Additional information from Dr. Guido Schnabel. I worked with…
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