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About Jeff Cook

County Agriculture Agent in Taylor & Peach Counties, and Area Peach Agent. B.S. Plant Pathology, UGA. Master of Plant Protection and Pest Management, UGA.

Did You Run Short on Plants This Season

It seems that more growers than usual came up short this planting season.  We have tried to find plants when asked but it looks like supplies are tight and there is not much available from growers in Georgia.  The North Carolina Growers Association has a listing of growers that have…
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One More Look at the Weather

Dr. Barclay Poling, Former Professor and Extension Specialist, NC State University, always has some good information and advice for growers concerning frost/freeze events in strawberries.  See his latest update and check out the local forecast for your area here. Both freezing temperatures and freeze protection with row covers or irrigation…
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Colder Temperatures on the Way

Temperatures will be getting colder as we move into next week with Thursday being the coldest. Below is a good chart showing critical temperatures for strawberry blooms and green fruit. Pretty much from the fall line north we should be considering how we are going to protect our investment. The…
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Fertilization of Strawberries

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and temperatures have been warmer than I have ever seen.  Most strawberry patches I have been in have at least green berries and many are harvesting.  Although this may seem early for some it is probably a good idea to start fertilizing plasticulture berries…
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Restriction of Pyrethroids Being Considered by EPA

I stole the write up from Lenny Wells, our Pecan Specialist, but it is important for all sectors of commercial agriculture to understand what is being proposed. Many growers may not realize that By March 31, the EPA has been court-ordered to make a final decision on whether to revoke…
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Strawberry Research and Outreach Initiative

If you grow or advise growers on strawberry or nursery production it would benefit you to take this short survey. The National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative (NSSI) is a joint effort among universities, USDA-ARS, growers and industry partners across 13 states. The goal of this group is to support and…
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