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About Lenny Wells

I am a Professor of Horticulture and Extension Horticulture Specialist for pecans at the University of Georgia. My research and extension programs focus on practical cultural management strategies that help to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of pecan production in Georgia.

What to Look for in your Leaf Samples

The time for pecan leaf tissue sampling has arrived. The recommended  period for this is from July 7-August 7. The reason for this window of time is that the nutrients are at their most stable point here at mid-season. This gives you the best idea of the nutritional status of your…
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Irrigation Schedule for Pecan Production

Intense heat has arrived in South Georgia this week with daily high temperatures in the upper 90’s . This occurs as nuts are sizing and the water demand for pecan trees begins to increase. Up to June pecan trees benefit from irrigation but only need a fraction of the amount…
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Update on UGA Extension Pecan Hotline

UGA Extension Entomologist, Dr. Will Hudson has informed me of on-going technical problems with the Pecan Hotline. Dr. Hudson’s update for the hotline on June 15, 2015 follows: The weather has settled into a pretty normal pattern after a very dry May. In my yard we got less than a…
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Irrigating Young Pecan Trees

  Young pecan trees require two key ingredients for establishment; 1) water and 2) elimination of weed competition. There is no published data on required irrigation amounts for young pecan trees that I have been able to find. So, we began a study in 2014 to determine this for trees grown…
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‘Desirable’ Bark Flaking Off

I get calls every year about ‘Desirable’ pecan trees on which the bark is peeling off or sloughing off in large chunks. While it occurs on other cultivars, this is a common occurrence and yet another quirk of ‘Desirable’. When trees grow in diameter the older, outside bark can’t stretch….
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