The UGA Pecan School (also known as the Pecan Beginners Course) will be held in conjunction with the Georgia Pecan Growers Conference coming up on March 20, 2024 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia. The class will cover all aspects of pecan production including economic considerations, pecan varieties, planting, insect, weed, and disease management, irrigation, equipment, etc.

You can register on-line at

The registration fee includes the entire three day event March 19-21, which will include a golf tournament, skeet shoot, welcome reception on the 19th, speaker presentations, equipment exhibit, and luncheon on the 20th, and orchard tour on the 21st.

A full agenda for the Pecan School and the Conference Presentations can be found below:

UGA Pecan School Agenda:

9:00 AM- Welcome

9:10 AM- Cost of Pecan Production (Lenny Wells)

9:30 AM- Pecan Cultivars (Patrick Conner)

10:15 AM- Break

10:45 AM- Pecan Irrigation (Lenny Wells

11:15 AM- Pecan Tree Planting & Establishment (Andrew Sawyer)

12:00 PM- Break for Lunch

1:00 PM- Pecan Insect Management (Apurba Barman)

1:45 PM- Pecan Disease Management (Andrew Sawyer)

2:30 PM- Break

2:45 PM- Pecan Fertilization (Lenny Wells)

3:15 PM- Hedge Pruning Pecan Trees (Lenny Wells)

3:35 PM- Pecan Weed Control (Andrew Sawyer

4:00 PM- Pecan Equipment (Lenny Wells)

Georgia Pecan Conference Regular Session Agenda

8:30  Welcome

Chris Clough, GPGA President

8:40 TBA

Ron Pegg, UGA

9:00  Update From APC/APPB

Anne Warden

9:40  Update From National Pecan Federation

Bob Redding


10:45  Update from GACCP

R.G. Lamar

11:00  Pecan fungicides – where do we go from here?

Tim Brenneman, UGA

11:20  Evaluating and Reducing Hurricane Risk in Pecan

Jeff Cannon, Andy W. Whelan, Jones Ecological Research Center and Lenny Wells, UGA

11:40  Update From the UGA Pecan Breeding Program

Patrick Conner, UGA


1:30 Potential Effects of Pecan Hedge Pruning on Fertilizer and Water Use

Bailey Rayfield and Lenny Wells, UGA

1:50   Determination of the Crop Coefficient and its Multi-Year Variability in a Georgia Pecan Orchard

Kriti Poudel, Gengsheng Zhang, Monique LeClerc, and Lenny Wells, UGA

2:10 Post-Harvest Control of In-Shell Pecan Weevil Larvae

Ted Cottrell, USDA-ARS, Ellen M. Thoms, Michael J. Aikins, Thomas W. Phillips, Quintin D. Read, Chip Starns

2:30   Break

3:00  Microbial Biopesticides for Control of Pecan Pests

Kyle Slusher, USDA-ARS

3:30 Unlocking the Potential of Pecan shells as a Soilless Substrate for Greenhouse Production in Georgia Cristina Pisani, USDA-ARS

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