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I am an Associate Professor and Extension Horticulture Specialist for pecans at the University of Georgia. My research and extension programs focus on practical cultural management strategies that help to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of pecan production in Georgia.

Managing Scab Pressure/Leaf Roll Mites

With 10 successive days of rain behind us and no relief in site and a potential tropical storm bearing down on us, pecan growers are under the gun for scab pressure right now. Most days have provided some breaks in the rain showers that have allowed growers to get out…
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Phylloxera and Casebearer Update

Phylloxera damage has become very noticeable this week. If you see galls on the leaves like the image below, that is phylloxera damage. Stem phylloxera (a separate species) shows up as galls in the stems or nuts and is much more damaging.  Once you see damage from either stem or…
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Herbicide Injury Season is Here

Row crop planting has started in south Georgia and this means herbicide drift season has arrived. I have been on the road all week looking at drift-damaged trees. Since I cannot make it to every orchard in which this occurs, here are the steps that should be taken when a…
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Nickel Deficiency Prominent in Cold Soils

With the cool temperatures we are experiencing this spring pecan trees are exhibiting some odd foliage characteristics. Normally at this time we have seen foliage reach nearly full expansion and female flowers are in the middle of pollination. But, with temps averaging about 4 degrees below normal, foliage development is…
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Fungicide Schedule and Pecan Tariffs

I have had many requests to provide a pecan fungicide schedule example for 2018. Not much has changed from previous years with the exception of the use of phosphite alone in one of the early sprays. I list it here for spray number 2 but it should work for spray…
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Clarification on Pindar Herbicide

I apologize for the confusion regarding Pindar but I wanted to clarify some things regarding its use in pecan: Pindar is a combination of oxyflurofen, a PPO MoA, and pinoxsulam, a ALS MoA, with both having PRE and POST activity. Pindar’s residual may not last as long as indaziflam’s but…
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