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About Lenny Wells

I am a Professor of Horticulture and Extension Horticulture Specialist for pecans at the University of Georgia. My research and extension programs focus on practical cultural management strategies that help to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of pecan production in Georgia.

Time for Water Stage Fruit Split

Its that time again. Nothing to get alarmed about. This is from my blog plost on August 9, 2017: If you have noticed  a sudden fruit shed over the last few days, you are most likely seeing the results of water stage fruit split. This is a common problem that…
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Pecan growers eligible for Market Facilitation Program

As a result of the detrimental effect of the current trade war and tariff situation with China, pecan growers are eligible for participation in the 2019 Market Facilitation Program, a USDA program recently announced as part of trade mitigation efforts. As opposed to the 2018 trade mitigation program, pecan farmers…
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Georgia Pecan Industry Loses One of its Champions

Based on the many contributions he made to not only the Georgia Pecan Industry, but also the U.S. Pecan Industry, it feels appropriate to report the passing of Mr. Hilton Segler on July 4, 2019. Hilton had a long career in the chemical industry working for Thompson-Heyward Chemcial, Griffiin Chemical,…
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After The Rain…..

Following the long drought/heat wave we had in May, you will likely see some leaf drop now that we have had some rain. This leaf drop occurs anytime we have a sudden shift in environmental conditions. It can occur going from wet to hot/dry and vice versa. This is nothing…
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Spray Now!

Most pecan growers in Georgia have been stretching out their scab sprays over the last several weeks since we have been hot and dry with no rain at all for about a month now. In the absence of any scab pressure this was the right thing to do but when…
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Pecan Water Requirements and Heat

We have some very high temperatures in the forecast for the next several days. With this in mind, I wanted to provide some irrigation suggestions. The irrigation schedule below is the recommended schedule for drip and microsprinkler on pecan in Georgia. As you can see you should move up to…
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