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Shuck Decline

Growers are starting to see symptoms of shuck decline in the orchard. Symptoms range from shucks turning all the way black to the tips green shucks turning black and peeling back at the suture. In some cases, kernels are black and in other cases, there is no kernel. The degree…
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Clarification on Phosphite Materials

Based on conversations I have had with a number of growers it sounds as if there is a need for some clarification regarding phosphite materials. Phosphite has become a very valuable tool for us in the battle against pecan scab. Dr. Tim Brenneman first began testing phosphite materials on pecan…
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Example Fungicide Program for 2020

I hope you all are staying safe amid the coronavirus concerns out there right now. Unfortunately as many of you know we have had to cancel our last four county meetings of the year (Wilcox, Jenkins, Brooks, and Dougherty) as well as the Georgia Pecan Growers Assoc. Conference. We will…
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