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Insect Damage at Harvest

Very few things are as frustrating as delivering 5000+ pound per acre peanuts to the buying point and having them grade “Seg 2” because of insect injury, and when it happens there are usually a lot of questions. What caused it? Why did it happen? When did it happen? Could…
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Burrower Bug Damage and Seg 2 Peanuts

We made it through the first couple weeks of the 2014 peanut harvest without hearing too much about burrower bugs, and I thought hopefully our prediction of heavier burrower bug damage this year was going to be wrong. Over the last two weeks, however, the reports of seg 2 peanuts…
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Peanut Burrower Bug

I have received a couple reports of burrower bugs in peanuts in the last two weeks. Eddie Beasley in Berrien County brought some specimens to the lab last week that were tentatively identified as the peanut burrower bug, Pangaeus bilineatus. We have no way to know how widespread infestations are…
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