We routinely get questions in mid summer about how to manage peanut burrower bug. The things that have been proven to reduce burrower bug injury are deep tillage and the use of granular chlorpyrifos. It is obviously too late to do anything about tillage choices, but growers who are concerned about burrower bugs still have time to make a decision about applying the granular insecticide. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Granular chlorpyrifos requires rainfall or irrigation after application.

Granular chlorpyrifos application will often flare caterpillar and mite populations.

Liquid formulations of chlorpyrifos can not be applied post emergence in peanut fields.

No insecticide other than granular chlorpyrifos has been shown to be effective at reducing burrower bug injury in peanut.

I only recommend the use of granular chlorpyrifos in fields with a history of burrower bug injury or in fields where active burrower bug infestations are known to exist.

Burrower bug populations can be assessed in the field using pitfall traps.

If you have questions about this or other insect management concerns in peanut, contact your local University of Georgia County Extension Agent.

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