I have received a couple reports of burrower bugs in peanuts in the last two weeks. Eddie Beasley in Berrien County brought some specimens to the lab last week that were tentatively identified as the peanut burrower bug, Pangaeus bilineatus. We have no way to know how widespread infestations are or if we will see significant damage at harvest. We do know that hot dry conditions favor this pest, and we have had plenty of hot, dry conditions. We will be placing light traps and sticky traps in several counties in the next few days and will keep you posted on what we find.

If you see what you suspect are burrower bugs in peanut, we would like a record of it.

What we need:

  • a specimen for positive identification
  • location of collection
  • soil type
  • irrigated or non-irrigated
  • conventional or conservation tillage
  • Lorsban 15G applied or not

We appreciate your help with our efforts to better understand and manage this pest.

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