Several folks have contacted me this week about large numbers of white-lined (aka white-margined) burrower bugs. Most of the bugs have been on volunteer peanuts, but some were on cotton seedlings. This insect is not the “peanut burrower bug” and is not considered a pest of peanut. While it can be very abundant early in the season, it is rarely seen in large numbers later in the summer. In the past, most of the white-lined burrower bug calls have come in April, so the bugs seem to be a little late this year. Here is a link to a 2018 UGA Peanut Entomology blog post about the white-lined burrower bug:

White-lined burrower bug adults (mostly black) and nymphs (mostly red) on volunteer peanut.
photo by Mark Crosby, UGA Extension, retired.

If you have questions about white-lined burrower bug or any other insect management concern in peanut, please contact your local University of Georgia Extension agent.

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