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Insect Damage at Harvest

Very few things are as frustrating as delivering 5000+ pound per acre peanuts to the buying point and having them grade “Seg 2” because of insect injury, and when it happens there are usually a lot of questions. What caused it? Why did it happen? When did it happen? Could…
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Conditions are Favorable for Southern Corn Rootworm

Conditions continue to be favorable for southern corn rootworm (SCR) development across much of Georgia’s 2018 peanut acreage. SCR is a pest that requires moist soil conditions, and we typically see rootworm infestations in fields with heavy soils and center pivot irrigation. The abundant rainfall in many areas this year…
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Corn Rootworm in GA Peanuts

The first call I received about corn rootworm in peanut a couple weeks ago seemed like one of those interesting oddities that show up in a field or two every year but do not amount to much more than that. Since then I have gotten a couple more calls, and…
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