Early Green Fruit Rot

This photo shows green fruit rot (caused by Monilinia fructicola) on insect-damaged peaches (photo taken today from fruit collected in an ‘O’Henry’ block at the USDA research station in Byron, GA).  I have never personally observed green fruit rot this early, but it does occur from time to time.  If…
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Late freeze possible next weekend for Southeast

Even though we’re past the average date for last frost in parts of the Southeast, it is not too late for a cold blast to move through the area.  Early signs for next weekend, Saturday March 28 and Sunday March 29, show that another surge of cold air is expected…
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The Peach News Magazine 1st issue

Today I received the first issue of The Peach News Magazine in the mail. It is really nice to see that a new avenue has been opened for sharing information to the peach growers in the Southeastern US. Please visit their site. You can sign-up for free to receive their…
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Chill hour tools for fruit producers

Do you have a need for chill hour measurements?  There are a couple of online sources that you can use to calculate chill hours for your location.  AgroClimate has a great graphic package that allows you to pick between two chill hour models.  You can find it at If…
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Record cold expected in the Southeast later this week

Meteorologists are anxiously watching the latest blast from the Arctic, which is expected to move into the Southeast after a cold frontal passage on Wednesday.  Predicted temperatures on Thursday show that it is likely that many areas of the Southeast will experience record low high temperatures and some record lows…
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Bloom Time is Approaching

Our normal peak bloom in middle Georgia is March 14th.  Of course this will vary by variety and location.  Another factor that affects bloom timing is late winter temperatures and chill hours.  Chill hours are the number of hours below 45⁰F that a peach tree requires to overcome dormancy.  All…
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Welcome to the UGA Peach Blog!

Welcome to the UGA Peach blog! It is great to be part of UGA and the Georgia Peach Community. Please visit each one of our pages. There are many talented people working with the Peach Industry here in Georgia. Please subscribe to our newsletter for email updates on current research and…
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