Plum curculio activity

Today, March 21, 2018, we collected our first plum curculio of the season in one of our traps in Fort Valley. While we only found one, this indicates that plum curculio are becoming active in middle Georgia peaches, so it is time to start preparing your plum curculio management program….
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Scale management and 2018 management guides

We are a month in to the new year and I just wanted to remind everyone that if you have not already done so, it is time to start thinking about a delayed-dormant application of horticultural oil for scale insect management. The above 50°F weather makes for a lovely day,…
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Pest and disease control recommendations for non-bearing orchards after bloom

Late frost has hurt many varieties in South Carolina and Georgia this year. The varieties that escaped the frost, the late bloomers with high chill requirements, still may have fruit and will probably go on a regular spray program, even if chill requirements were not met and a reduced crop load may occur. But what should be the plan for varieties that won’t have any fruit to pick?
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