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San Jose scale crawler management 2023

With the relatively warm spring weather we have been having, the first large peak of San Jose scale crawler activity is likely going to be a few of weeks this year compared to last year. I expect the first peak of activity to occur within approximately 5-7 days from now…
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Early bloom and scale management

It’s been a beautiful scene these past couple of weeks. However, the early bloom has made it difficult to get out the delayed dormant application of oil for scale management (or at least it did for me!). As such, if you were like me and missed the delayed dormant timing,…
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So how are we doing with chill?

Hi everyone, I apologize for the delay with this update. I was waiting for the last bit of chill to be seen in our regions. We just got a cold front last weekend and early this week and I thought will wait until we could finally see what we got…
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