San Jose scale crawlers are on the move

The first peak of San Jose scale crawler activity is right around the corner. We have begun capturing considerable numbers of crawlers on April 17 on un-treated research trees in Fort Valley, GA (see image). The peak emergence of scale crawlers in this region is expected to occur within the…
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Plum curculio activity

Today, March 21, 2018, we collected our first plum curculio of the season in one of our traps in Fort Valley. While we only found one, this indicates that plum curculio are becoming active in middle Georgia peaches, so it is time to start preparing your plum curculio management program….
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Scale management and 2018 management guides

We are a month in to the new year and I just wanted to remind everyone that if you have not already done so, it is time to start thinking about a delayed-dormant application of horticultural oil for scale insect management. The above 50°F weather makes for a lovely day,…
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Current Chill Hour Situation

I am monitoring ( as well as other sources for projected chill as of today 1/2/2018 we are around 500  hours which is nearly 100 hours behind our historic average on chill.  If you follow the projected chill probabilities we could be anywhere between 700 and 900 hours by…
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Phony Peach

Based on observations at the Byron USDA station (pathology blocks) and Fort Valley State (Jeff Cook orchards), phony peach appears to be increasing in importance (see photos below; short, squat trees are phony peach trees).  I suspect this could be related to two really warm consecutive winters, increased vector numbers…
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Saving leaning and uprooted trees

Hurricane Irma passed through Georgia with strong sustained winds. For our peach trees this meant trouble, especially for younger trees (1-3 years-old). Trees could have been fully uprooted, but in general, you can see them leaning or touching the ground. Younger trees can be salvaged, but this needs to be…
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Hurricanes and Phytophthora Damage

Unfortunately, it does look like Georgia will experience pretty high winds from hurricane Irma as it passes north. In addition to the direct damage to trees, tree decline and death over time can be a direct result of hurricanes and tropical storms. High winds whip young trees from side-to-side like large…
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