Hello everyone! We have a little more clarity on the chlorpyrifos issue. The EPA released an update on their position on chlorpyrifos on Friday, February 2, 2024, stating, “the Eighth Circuit’s mandate issued on December 28, 2023, finalized the court’s judgment and vacated the Agency’s 2021 rule revoking chlorpyrifos tolerances.” Further, they added, “since the tolerances are currently in effect, growers can now use currently registered chlorpyrifos products on all crops with reinstated tolerances, consistent with directions for use on those product labels. However, such uses may be subject to restrictions by individual states.” Thus, all tolerances are in effect until EPA rules otherwise.

As I mentioned in the previous update, it is still expected that the EPA will propose a new rule by the end of this year to revoke the tolerances associated with all but the 11 uses referenced by the court, which include: alfalfa, apple, asparagus, cherry (tart), citrus, cotton, peach, soybean, strawberry, sugar beet, wheat (spring), and wheat (winter).”  

The key takeaway is that all uses of chlorpyrifos on the label of currently registered products are currently legal. However, if the label was cancelled, that product is NOT legal at this time. Currently, I only know of the following three products that are still registered and thus legal to use in peaches:

93182-7 (Gharda, Pilot 4E)

19713-520 (Drexel, Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG)

19713-599 (Drexel, Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG2)

If I hear of additional products, I will make sure to update them here.

Finally, since chlorpyrifos is still under registration review, this is all likely temporary, but it is nice to have options as we continue to transition away from chlorpyrifos use.

To read the EPA’s update, click here.

And for more information view the Federal Register Notice.

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