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About Dario Chavez

AssociateProfessor in Peach Research and Extension Department of Horticulture University of Georgia

Chill update

Hi everyone, I hope that everyone is doing well. It has been an interesting month or two for chill accumulation. I was worried last year seeing the seasonal forecast and how things were panning out. However, we were able to get some uniform chill accumulation including some additional hours even…
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Chill update – so what now?

Hi everyone, I was waiting to send this post until it seemed that we were reaching the end of our chill accumulation for this year. The weather has been very variable the last few days from warm, to wet, and to cold. The nice thing about the temperatures going down…
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Drought conditions to continue in Georgia

  As all you know, Georgia is facing drought conditions. We want to remind you that although peach trees are heading to fall/winter and fruit were harvested a long time ago, the trees still need water. The requirement of a mature tree in the peak of the season (July/August) is…
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Improving irrigation and fertilization recommendations for young peach plants – Peach Magazine Article Spring Edition

After a couple years of research on irrigation and fertilization of young peach plants at the University of Georgia, encouraging results are guiding further research to develop new guidelines for irrigation and fertilization practices for the southeastern United States.   Accurate and precise irrigation and fertilization management for agricultural crops…
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Saving leaning and uprooted trees

Hurricane Irma passed through Georgia with strong sustained winds. For our peach trees this meant trouble, especially for younger trees (1-3 years-old). Trees could have been fully uprooted, but in general, you can see them leaning or touching the ground. Younger trees can be salvaged, but this needs to be…
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Lack of chill: Where do we go from here?

This is for sure going to be remembered as one of the most difficult years in peach production in the Southeastern U.S. Lack of chill and a late freeze have done their part.  Now, it is time to decide what to do with the trees that are still not coming…
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