Chill hours the lowest in more than a decade

The unusually warm fall has had quite a few agricultural impacts.  The Packer noted today that Florida strawberry volumes have really been set back by the warmth (link).  The season started early, but the heat is stressing the plants, which causes a reduction in the number of berries set. I’ve…
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Nematode Sampling

Nematode sampling prior to replanting an orchard can help determine if fumigation is necessary.  Sampling existing orchards can help explain problem areas in an orchard, and the results can be used when scheduling pruning and planning use of the land when the current orchard is removed.
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Glufosinate Registration for Peach Expands Non-Selective POST Herbicide Options

W. E. Mitchem Extension Associate Orchard and Vineyard Floor Management NC State Univ., Clemson Univ., Univ. of Georgia, Cooperating Herbicides formulations containing glufosinate are now cleared for use in stone fruit crops.  For years glufosinate has been registered for non-selective postemergence (POST) weed control in apple, grape, and blueberry plantings…
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Herbicide cleared for use in stone fruit

Glufosinate (Rely 280, Surmise, and others) has been cleared for use in stone fruit.  This has been in the works for some time and stone fruits are listed on the labels.  I have pasted a link to the Rely 280 SL label below.  This a very good non-selective POST herbicide option…
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Scale Crawlers are on the Move!

Dan Horton & Jeff Cook Friday, 24 April, freshly settled 1st nymphal stage (white cap) San Jose scale were observed on peach in an orchard on the northern side of the main central Georgia peach belt. While there were a few remaining crawlers, it was clear that most of this…
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