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Home Garden Series Part 1

But First, Soil Samples… Fall is the best time to sample, but it is not too late to have your soil sampled to ensure your home garden has the best chance of generating quality fruits and vegetables. Soil samples test for the nutrients that are available to the plants. The…
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Home Garden Series Part 3

Summer Garden Recipes Summer time is for fun in the sun, pool parties and vacations, but it is also for enjoying those fresh from the garden fruits and veggies! In the post we will explore some recipes to incorporate the harvest from your summer garden. Cowboy Caviar This is like…
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Home Garden Series Part 2

Common Home Garden Pests and Diseases Just when you think your garden is doing well and you have watered properly, applied the recommended fertilizer and soil amendments, your plants begin to look a little wilted, or yellow. What could possibly be going on? Evaluating and diagnosing issues with your home…
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