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On Wednesday, Nov. 10th, six students from Long County 4-H traveled to Lyons, GA to compete in the Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Area Contest. They practiced for several months leading up to the competition by practicing their cotton commercials/ads, studying consumer items and going through scenarios similar to what they would see at the contest. The purpose of this club and team is to understand the importance of cotton and learn how to make smart financial decisions when purchasing goods and services. They also became knowledgeable on how to meet the needs of their consumers based on information that was presented to them such as lifestyle, personal value, goals, budget, job status, age, and other preferences. The last part of the contest consisted of communicating reasons for the choices and decisions made in the scenarios they were given. The six students who participated in this competition from Long County were Dorian Ambrose, Shylo McGowan, Samantha McCulley, Selenia and Winter Pigott, and Josi McGowan.

Josi McGowan placed 3rd in the Senior Presentations category. She was instructed to create a 90 sec. cotton ad about anything of her choice that had to do with cotton. There were 31 individuals from 9 other counties competing in the same category.

Samantha McCulley placed 3rd overall out of 34 other juniors from 13 other counties. This means she did well in her placing, presentation, and reasons to the judges. A placing is when you read the situation statement given, examine the four items, and make a decision to rank the items in order from best to worst based on the preferences of the consumer.

Selenia and Winter Pigott both received 3rd place ribbons in the Junior Presentation category. They both tied for 3rd for their cotton commercials out of 33 other contestants. This part of the contest happened before the day of the contest is which juniors prepared a poster presentation about cotton and filmed a 30 sec. commercial.

Winter, Josi, Samantha, and Selenia with their ribbons.

Congratulations to all of our winners from Long County. We look forward to having another great team next year!