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Florida is the wet spot this week

Most of the region should be pretty dry this week, but the Florida peninsula will see quite a bit more rain as a front stalls out over the area. That is good news for the drought that has been developing there for the past few weeks, so we may see…
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Atlas: Engineering with Nature

A new online atlas describing 56 different projects that address engineering with nature is now available. The projects include coast and wetlands restoration projects, islands and reefs, riverine and levee systems, and use of natural materials. You can find two versions here, one a shorter e-book version and the other…
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No changes to drought status this week

The latest Drought Monitor, released today, shows no change from last week in the drought coverage across the Southeast. Remember that the only state in our region that is currently experiencing drought is Florida. Rainfall in the next week is concentrated on southern Florida so we may see some improvement…
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