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Little rain for the next week

The latest 7-day QPF map shows that nearly all of the region will see less than a quarter inch of rain this week. The only exceptions are a bit more in southern Florida and in the mountains, where some showers may pop up later in the week. It’s not uncommon…
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Slight decrease in drought this week

The latest Drought Monitor, released this morning, shows very slight decreases in drought and abnormally dry conditions across the region. I expect that the next DM will show significant decreases in North Carolina, which is expected to get hit by Hurricane Dorian and is already feeling some effects of the…
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A historical perspective on droughts

Every time there is a drought, I am asked how the latest drought compares to the historical droughts of the 1930s and 1950s, which were terrible droughts that covered a substantial part of the US. Now there is a new popular paper which discusses the comparison between the early 21st…
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