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Nearly dry week ahead

The latest 7-day QPF map shows that once the lingering front moves out of North Carolina and Virginia tonight, strong high pressure should dominate the region for most of the next week. That means sunny skies and no chance of rain with lower humidity. It should be very nice for…
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Slight expansion of drought in most states

According to the Drought Monitor, released today, most states in our region saw just slight increases in drought-covered area this week. The biggest expansion of dry conditions was in Virginia, while other states saw smaller changes. Puerto Rico decreased in moderate (D1) drought but the area of abnormally dry conditions…
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Grain losses affect world market

A severe heatwave across India has scorched their wheat crop, reducing their yields and making them consider how to replace the needed grain with the war going on in Ukraine stranding most of their harvest from last year, unable to be shipped out of their ports on the Black Sea…
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