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Summer 2020 generally wetter and warmer than normal

The preliminary climate summary for the Southeast for June through August 2020 shows that most of the Southeast was warmer and wetter than normal, although there was quite a bit of variability across the region. The driest areas were in central and southern Georgia and in southwestern Florida, while the…
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Happy climatological fall!

If you are reading this on September 1, then welcome to climatological fall! We climatologists use the calendar months of September, October and November to mark the season of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. It might not feel like it down here in the Southeast, but cooler weather, drier conditions,…
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A taste of fall could be coming in September

The latest monthly outlook for September 2020 shows that an outbreak of cold air is expected to move into the central US during the first two weeks of September and could bring cooler temperatures as far south as Georgia and Alabama, especially in the northern parts of those states. The…
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