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Have we seen the last frost of the winter?

As you know, the last few weeks have been much MUCH above normal in temperature across the Southeast, with temperatures in many places setting daily records for maximum and high minimum temperatures and quite a few stations expected to set all-time February daily and monthly records. One of the results…
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New source of weather forecast data may be useful for farm management

Here’s some interesting information about a source of weather forecast data that might be useful for farmers across the Southeast, from Mark Hoffmann at our sister UGA Extension blog on viticulture. Note that the six-day forecast for humidity, wind, dew/frost and other variables will be good for planning field work…
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Another chill hour resource

In my talks at the Southeast Fruit and Vegetable Growers meeting in Savannah last week, I discussed sources of chill hour accumulations for different states in the Southeast. If you are outside the Southeast or want a more national view, the Midwestern Regional Climate Center offers a national map through…
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